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My ride towards teaching meditation and bringing mindfulness to the corporate world has been one with an ample amount of twists and turns.

I've been introduced to yoga and meditation 10 years ago while studying media and marketing in Australia. Coming back to Berlin, I dove headfirst into the corporate world, working as a project manager at PLATOON.cultural development and then later working as a PR consultant, as an artist manager and eventually co-founding my own art gallery. My yoga/meditation practice moved into the background as there was so much to achieve, so much to do and such little time. 

In a sidekick of fate, it was the art world that brought me to meditation, to Mexico and to a school that would later host me for a 5 months meditation teacher training. 

That did the trick.

In those 5 months, I discovered tools and practices that gave me back a centre, gave me clarity and focus and made me connect to a sense of self-appreciation again. 

Going back to Berlin I co-founded Your Space, a space for mindfulness classes and workshops, and started teaching sessions. Teaching meditation while being a part of this rapid chaotic world, made me realise how much we are all struggling with the same things: exhaustion, lack of time/creativity/intuition, overwhelm, disconnect… and I realised that I needed another language to talk to those who didn’t find the entrance door to Your Space. 

I became a certified Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Trainer early in 2019 and have been on the transformational process with corporates ever since.

  • Ongoing: Mindfulness Coach (Berlin)

  • Ongoing: Meditation Teacher (Berlin)

  • Ongoing: Artist Manager (Berlin)

  • Ongoing: Mindfulness Program curator at Soho House (Berlin)

  • Ongoing: Co-founder of Your Space (Berlin)

  • Until 2014: Co-founder of AJLart gallery (Berlin)

  • Until 2011: Project Manager at PLATOON.cultural development (Berlin)  

  • Until 2010: BA of Professional Communication at RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Until 2007: Project Manager at Liganova (Stuttgart)

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