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"sit, walk, or run,

but don't wobble"

Zen Proverb


I am an ex-PR consultant/gallery co-owner gone mindfulness coach. I am also the „most unlikely person to study meditation“ according to one of my teachers. Why? Because I thought fast, I spoke fast, my job was coffee-infused and fast-paced and I was under the impression that I loved all of it.

I now bring the same tools to you that have helped me on my journey to find calm and more space for intuition and creativity, the same tools that have reconnected me with myself and the people around me. 


I am a certified Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Coach and Meditation Teacher and I work with corporates, classes and privates on transformation processes. For more information, you can read on or click "contact" to get in touch.



what do i do?

Search Inside Yourself

Mindful Leadership Trainings

Originally developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology, these programs teach practical mindful leadership and emotional intelligence tools to bring out your best... READ MORE

Mindful Leadership


What would happen if you were to fully immerse yourself, your team or your entire company into the experiment of a multiple-day mindfulness deep-dive?    READ MORE

Private Meditation


Meditation isn’t rocket science, but to make the first step might sometimes feel daunting. In these private tuition sessions, I get the chance to meet you exactly where you are, to answer your questions and together we can find out what you need and explore how to get there.... READ MORE

GRoup meditation


„If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together“… something shifts when practising mindfulness surrounded by people. It feels easier, as if the fact alone that everyone is going in the same direction to the best of each individual’s ability, paves the road... READ MORE

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