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I teach meditation classes that combine my in-depth teacher training as Heart meditation teacher with the secular language and the tools of the Search Inside Yourself (SIY)and the Connected Business „Mindfulness and compassion at work“ trainings. 

In other words, I combine my longing for a deeper connection and understanding with my newly acquired knowledge of how we can apply this to our daily lives, our work and our partnerships. 

I tailor these sessions to the specific needs of the group.


Possible focus: Mindful leadership

If you have started with an SIY program and would like to integrate it into your daily corporate life, these sessions will focus on the tools and practices introduced in the 2-day training. It is a great way to let the practice land, share experiences and clarifying potential questions.


Possible focus: Heart meditation

These sessions focus on exploring what else might be there, underneath the constant chatter of your mind. We will use breath work and different traditional meditation techniques to quiet down the mind and develop a curiosity of what it might feel like to come home.


Possible focus: Mindful leadership meets the heart

In these sessions I mix both of my meditation paths to combine the best of the two worlds. We will explore deeper meditation methods and ways to calm down the mind such as breath work and we will dive into the changes these methods have on our brain structure and how all of this develops emotional intelligence and compassion. 

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