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„There are as many paths to meditation as there are souls on earth“

I have been teaching individual tuition since 2015. These sessions are designed to drop all ideas of wrong and right-doing, and to find your own access, your own path to your meditation practice. 

All that is required of you is to find within you the curiosity to explore. In Zen, this is called the Beginner’s Mind. 

We will have a first meeting in which we decide which direction these sessions will go and as we start walking we’ll adjust along the way. 


For who?
  • These sessions are great if you are new to meditation, or have always considered yourself to be that one person that is simply „not made to meditate“. 

  • These sessions are great if you want to dive deeper into your own creativity, into your intuition or if you've noticed that you would like to deepen your empathetic skills.

  • These sessions are great if you are overworked, easily overwhelmed or suffer from anxiety or sleeping disorder. I know from my own experience how these states often leave us with a sense of being beyond control, so I would like to invite you to reality-check that with me.

  • These sessions are also great if you are simply curious and have a lot of questions. Or if you simply prefer an individual setting to that of a group.

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