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"It takes 21 days to start forming new habits".

Whilst this doesn’t mean that anything below 21 days has no impact, it does point towards the fact that the longer we immerse ourselves into a transformative process the better it is going to stick.

In these retreats and off-sites,  we will have the gift of time and remoteness to dedicate our full attention on ourselves and the processes of the group. 

My own meditation teacher training required us to spend 10 days in silence in each of the 5 months training. I’ve learned that in these moments of introspection when distractions of mobile phones, emails, or social obligations seize, clarity arises.


These retreats and off-sites are tailored to your specific needs. Through my work as co-founder of Your Space, a workshop space for mindfulness, transformative processes and bodywork, I have access to a highly qualified team of experts from all different fields. Each retreat thus can be turned into a highly personalized event. 

Possible formats:


Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Retreat

A 4-day immersion into mindfulness, emotional intelligence, self-management, motivation, empathy and leadership skills. In these 4 days, you have the opportunity to dive deep into the domains of what it takes to be a leader today.

The retreat will be lead by 2 certified SIY facilitators. 

Experts for an even more holistic approach to health can be added according to your preference. You can find the list of possible elements below


Mindfulness and Compassion Retreat

This format combines the knowledge of my 3 different learning strands: mindfulness at work (with elements of SIY and Connected Business), meditation (with elements of my 5-months teacher training as a Hridaya meditation teacher) and somatic resourcing (with elements of my Hatha yoga teacher training and my current embodiment training). 

We will explore a variety of different techniques to calm down the nervous system and quiet the mind, from movement to breathwork to stillness, all held by a strong framework consisting of the latest research in neuroscience and behavioural theory.

Additional elements include:
  • Coaching: integral coaching methods to give you the resources to tackle the present and future

  • Nutrition: how to keep your body healthy

  • Bodywork: how to build your own routine (yoga/pilates/work out)

  • Breathwork: breathing is the easiest form to calm down your nervous system (pranayama, transformative breathing, belly 2 belly)

  • Out of the box: challenge your comfort zone

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